Why I Run 5K's

Running five whole kilometers just for fun sounds like something only crazy people would do (and don’t get me started on 10K’s and marathons). I must say, though, running 5K’s in an urban environment yields such a unique experience that I recommend everyone try it at least once.

My first 5K was the 2022 Peachtree Road Race on Independence Day in Atlanta. After my wave left the starting line below a partly cloudly sky I found myself truly enjoying the views along the way: I saw perspectives of the architecture and other sights along the trail that I had never seen before in a car. Navigating the length of Peachtree Street on foot and at my own pace is simply unmatched.

I was later curious whether I was marveling at the trail and periphery or just the fact that it was my first race. After finishing the 2023 race (in better shape btw) and being in awe of the views along the trail again, I was certain it’s the views that I fall in love with. With each race I find enjoyment in the periphery of the trails, and after each one I find my appetite for the next experience has only grown.

I don’t run 5K’s for the exercise, competition, or fitness data, although all of those things are nice. I run 5K’s for the sights, sounds, and camaraderie.

I’m gonna start recording my POV when I’m on these runs so you see can my point.