Monday Jan 16th, 2024

I got into motorsport early last year when I did my first set of races around AMP’s karting track. After a few months of diving into various racing series (F1, Le Mans, etc) and engaging with racing on social media, I decided to buy my first copy of Gran Turismo. It was accompanied by a purchase of a racing simulator setup, including a wheel, pedals, and shifter.

As time passes I find myself racing online more often and with a growing appetite for higher positions in races. Gran Turismo 7’s sport mode grants players a driver rating that measures skill level and determines how competitive online races should be. All drivers start with an E rating and move up as they consistently place in 5th and above until they reach a DR of S.

At the time of this writing, I have a DR of D, but I’m setting a goal to have a DR of A+ before the release of the next Gran Turismo game. Until then, I’ll be training and competing to rise through the ranks. I’ll be documenting my journey through time trials, races, bloopers, and other miscellanea along the way, all under the tag #RoadtoAPlus.