Originally posted December 14, 2020 to

I used to love argumentative writing as I was taught in high school. I loved this so much that I used its techniques in all of my expository writing, like in my older articles.

I enjoy the research and pursuit of truth that it entails. Arguing for what is right instead of who is right leads us to a shared set of knowledge. It’s an effective way to communicate, as it applies logic that, given enough evidence, is difficult or impossible to effectively dispute. It’s in some ways inspired by the scientific method and thus borrows some of its characteristics, like objectivity and verifiability.

As I explore writing as a medium for expression, I can’t help but have a fear that someone would strike each sentence I write as a form of opinion or expression as non-factual or in some way incorrect. I’ve worked my argumentative muscle out for so long and often that I’ve forgotten how to write prose and just…well…write!

I’m gonna try to mixing my writing styles up so that this blog isn’t just a bunch of informative and argumentative essays. I’m teaching myself to write not only for correctness but also for expression: it feels much more natural that way.